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Alwyne Diary
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February 1942
28th Sharp white frost and a few flakes of snow in morning then a lovely sunny day. Temp. got up to 44 which was quite a record. Went for a nice walk in afternoon. British Parachute Troops have been dropped in France and have destroyed a radio-location post. There has been a Naval action off Java, with an invasion Convoy. Situation in Rangoon very serious. 8 raids this month Total 519.
27th Cold and dull in morning but in afternoon the wind changed round to S.W. and the sun came out. The temp. got up to nearly 40 degrees for the first time for a long time. Still not much going on.
26th Still very cold and dull, kept snowing slightly. Not much news today.
25th Bitterly cold N.E. wind. Got home frozen. Had a sharp snow shower early. Russians have scored big victory south of Lake Illmen.
24th Still cold. A little snow. Churchill has made another speech and says position is serious. Russians have launched big attack on Central Front.
23rd Freezing again all day. A little fine snow. Took bag up to fire-watching but Bixby offered to do it for me. Good old Bixby. Start of tin fruit rationing.
22nd Very cold again. Sharp frost and freezing all day. Snowed a little in morning. Did not feel very well and stayed in afternoon.
21st Very cold day. Started snowing at 8 a.m. and kept on until about 11. Then heavy showers with sunny intervals. Freezing hard. 4 degrees at mid-day and 7 degrees at teat time. Turned the water off. Felt sick this morning. Came home on 12.15 bus. Mother has just turned her Ovaltine all over herself. Big attacks have been made on Jap ships.
20th Still cold. Snowed slightly. Vera got me a nice piece of cod for tea. Salmon is 10/- and 12/- a lb (18.52 and 22.22 in 2010). Had a warning to-day 3. - 3.15 p.m. Heavy fighting in Burma. Japs have invaded Timor. Churchill has re-organised War Cabinet. Sir Stafford Cripps made Leader of House of Commons.
19th Still cold but sun came out to-day for 1st time this week and temp. got up just above freezing. First bombs dropped in Australia to-day. Darwin raided twice by 72 and 20 bombers. Philip Jordan says Russians will win this year. (War Correspondent for The News Chronicle newspaper).
18th Very cold. Freezing all day. Throat better, have not got a cold after all. Rommell has made a withdrawal in Libya.
17th Very cold N.E. wind. A few flakes of snow. My throat is a little better, may not have got cold after all. Changed fire-watching night to next Monday. Agitation in Parliament about escape of German Battleships and loss of Singapore. Two warnings to-day, 1.25 p.m. - 2 p.m. and 4.15 p.m. - 4.50 p.m.
16th Cold again. Wind frost. Spent morning at Exhibition selling Savings Certificates for Chelmsford Warship Week but only got one customer. My cold is just about the same as yesterday - scratching in throat.
15th Not so cold. Temp. up to 40 degrees. Got a cold coming. Did not go out in afternoon. Mr. Churchill broadcast in evening and announced fall of Singapore.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
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