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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
April 1942
27th Bright and cold again. Got up in afternoon. Another heavy raid on Bath last night. 4 shot down. We raided Rostock again. Big daylight sweeps over France.
26th Sunny but still cold East wind. Stayed in bed all day. Germans raided Bath last night. 5 shot down, rather heavy damage and casualties. We lost 5 in another raid on Rostock. Hitler addressed Reichstag. Takes over full control of German home front.
25th Sunny and cold day again with strong East wind 52 degrees. Can't get out much. Heard a lot of bombs or something in night but no warning. Rostock (Germany) raided by R.A.F. for second night. Vera went up to Rojam in evening and found Fanny there. Sylvia had sent telegram for her on Thursday. Did not feel well and went to bed early.
24th Very bright day but very cold strong East wind. 52 degrees. Too cold to be out in back garden. Had a chair out in front and sat there for half an hour. The new shelter arrived from Bloomfields. R.A.F. bombers raid Flushing (on the German-held Dutch island of Walcheren) with an escort of 500 fighters.
23rd Rather dull day, sun shone a little. 59 degrees. Mother came down the garden but it was too cold to stop.
22nd Nice day. Went to Dr. and he says I'm to stay at home again and he has given me another certificate. Mother had a bad sick headache and was in bed nearly all dat. Vera went round the town in morning hunting for a shelter. She found a second-hand one at Bloomfields and Dad went off in afternoon to look at it. He has bought it for 25/-. (46.30 in 2010). British troops have made a raid on the French coast.
21st Quite a nice day but not very warm. Did not feel at all well and did not go to office. Could not make up my mind whether to go and see Dr. but decided to leave it until tomorrow. Dad went to town and tried to get a garden shelter but could not find one anywhere.
20th Nice day but not so warm as yesterday. Went back to office but did not feel very well. Came home on 4.15 bus and went to bed early. Rev. and Mrs. Jacobs called as soon as I had got to bed. John Woods brought some daffodils which Vera took down to the Churchyard.
19th Lovely mild sunny day. Warmest this year 65 degrees. Had shelter out. Mother was out 1 hours after dinner and hour after tea. Did not feel very well. Heard some bombs during night but no warning.
18th Lovely day, less wind and warmer 60 degrees. Mother came down back garden and went right down to bottom for first time. 12 Lancaster Bombers made a daylight attack last evening 500 miles inside Germany and only 3 returned. 500 planes attacked N. France yesterday. We only lost one bomber and two fighters. Tokio (Tokyo, Japan) reported to have been bombed. Went to see Dr. and got signed off. Went to Griffins and tried to get a garden shelter.
17th Another fine sunny day. Not quite as cold. Mother came down back garden. Dad set second lot of peas and the potatoes. Went for walk up Union Lane. Attacks on N. France yesterday by 600 Fighters and Bombers.
16th Fine and sunny but cold East wind. Went out for walk up Union Lane. Mother came out into front garden.
15th Cloudless sky again but still a cold East wind. Mother went outside front door. I got up in afternoon. Ruhr raided again last night by R.A.F. 11 missing. Japs advancing in Burma. Not much war news. All biscuits to be made of brown flour after next Monday.
14th Bright and sunny again but cold East wind. Stayed in bed until evening when I got up to Brains Trust (popular informational BBC Radio programme) and Messiah. Budget Day. 5, 286, 000,000. No increase in Income Tax. Extra 2d (2 pence) pint on beer. 3d a packet on cigarettes. Laval made French Premier. (Pierre Laval. French Millionaire and politician. Nazi sympathiser. After war, fled to Spain but was handed over to the new French Government headed by General Charles De Gaulle. Tried for aiding the enemy and violating state security - found guilty and shot on 15th October 1945).

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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