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Alwyne Diary
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August 1941
25th Rained in morning but nice afternoon, warmer. British and Russian troops march into Iran. News from Russia today is good.
24th Had a daylight raid this morning from 9.25 - 9.45 a.m. Bombs dropped in East Anglia. Fine day but not much sun. Managed to sit out in afternoon. Russians seem to be holding the Germans. Listened to Churchill broadcast.
23rd Very wet. Rained fast all day. Could not do anything at all. Went for walk up Straight Road in evening in rain. Had raid last night from 9.30 - 11.15. Heard a few planes and some machine gunning. No bombs. News from Russia sounds a little more re-assuring.
22nd Fine day after rain in night. Had tea out. Position in Russia looks rather bad.
21st Nice day. Fire watching night. Went fishing with S.C. Jiggins, caught a few roach. No raid. Had an early one last night 10.15 - 11.30.
20th Another fine day. Had tea out again. Had warning last night. Leningrad threatened.
19th Nice dry sunny day. Had tea out on lawn. Germans making big advances in S.W. Russia.
18th More rain early this morning and a thunderstorm this evening. Mr. Churchill arrived back in England. (Secret visits to Newfoundland and Iceland). Germany raided by 100 planes last night, only 1 missing.
17th Fine most of day but had some showers in afternoon. Managed to sit out during sunny intervals. Not very warm. Had warning in night. Heard a few planes.
16th Better day. Windy but sunny and fairly warm. Sat out on big lawn. Cut 5 marrows this evening. Situation on Russian front said to be fairly satisfactory. Ten Germans shot down during raids on France to-day. Less than 300 German planes have flown over Britain during last 4 weeks.
15th Heavy rain all day. Harvest outlook serious. Big raid on Germany last night by over 300 planes. 12 missing. Had 20 minute warning in night and one for hour this afternoon.
14th Mr. Atlee (Deputy Prime Minister in Churchill's Coalition Government) broadcast big news at 3 o'clock. Roosevelt and Churchill have met at sea and drawn up a statement of peace aims. Russians seem to be driven back in S. Russia. Better day, had tea in garden.
13th Wet windy day. Big raid on Germany last night. Berlin bombed. 13 missing. Had raid in night - no bombs.
12th Little better day but had heavy shower in afternoon. No raids last night. Picked a big tomato. Went for walk up Fordham Road. Big daylight raids today by R.A.F. Six squadrons of Blenheims raid Cologne. 12 Blenheims and 10 fighters lost.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

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