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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
January 1945
26th Very cold. 26 degrees at 8.30 a.m. 29 degrees max. George's cough bad. Shut him up for night. Russians cut off E. Prussia from Germany. Heard a lot of rockets.
25th Very cold. 22 degrees at 8.30 a.m., only 26 all day. Foggy. Only 2 Stalin Orders tonight. Mother got bad leg through kicking bag on Tues. night. George got a bad cough, eye better. Germans have launched offensive against Yanks in Alsace. Turned water off. Dad not very well.
24th Very cold. Temp. 24 degrees at 8.30 a.m. Freezing all day. Foggy. 4 Stalin Orders, 155 miles to Berlin. Turned water off. Got 15 rise. (488.55 in 2010).
23rd Dull and cold, been a little more snow. 4 Stalin Orders. Red Army reaches Oder near Breslau. Warnings 6.35 - 6.40 and 6.45 - 7.10 p.m. Was just having poached egg on toast and got my tea interrupted. George better.
22nd Sharp frost. Temp 26 degrees at 8.30 a.m. Been a lot of snow at Chelmsford. 5 Orders from Stalin. Only 165 miles from Berlin.
21st Freezing all day. Turned water off. 3 more Orders of Day from Stalin. Red Army has penetrated 20 miles into S.E. Germany. Now only 215 miles from Berlin.
20th Cold day. Snowed most of afternoon. Got up early and went on 7.30 bus as it was snowy but there was none beyond Kelvedon. There was a big rocket at Chelmsford after I got there. 3 more orders of Day from Stalin. Tilsit in E. Prussia captured and Russians now 100 miles west of Warsaw. Was going to make another attempt to get George to Vet's today but he went off after breakfast and has not come back.
19th Terrible gale all night. Tree blown down across road at Kelvedon. Cold day with wind frost. Heavy snowstorms in afternoon and evening. Biggest Russian advances yet. 5 Orders of Day from Stalin. Cracow and Lodz captured. Germans talk of grave danger.
18th Mild. Thunder and heavy rain in afternoon. Big gale blowing this evening. Churchill statement on war. Stormy debate on Greece. 3 more orders of day from Stalin. Russians now 50 miles beyond Warsaw. No rockets today.
17th Nice day. Great news. 3 orders of day from Stalin (1) Warsaw captured (2) Third offensive launched North of Warsaw (3) In South Poland Red Army has advanced 25 miles today and got within 20 miles of Germany. We lost 28 out of 1200 bombers over Germany last night. Had 2 big rockets at Chelmsford this afternoon. Man came to mend electric light in kitchen.
16th Dull misty and cold. Russians announce new offensive South of Warsaw. 40 mile advance on 75 mile front. 1300 places taken. 300 miles to Berlin. In South Poland they are now 50 miles from Germany. British start new attack in Germany. Heard 2 loud rockets this evening. Electric light fused in kitchen.
15th Quite nice day. Lot of rocket damage in London over week end. Church hit at Barking. 14 missing from 1300 R.A.F. planes last night.
14th Nice day. Raid 1.45 - 2.15 a.m. Got up and opened door and George came in. (family cat). Had to give him a big meal. Russians advance another 15 miles.
13th Cold and dull. Saw rocket crater at Boreham. Warning 6 - 6.55 a.m. Got up in cold but only heard one bang long way off. Russians have launched big offensive in S. Poland and advanced 25 miles. Was going to take George to Vet's but he has been missing all day.
The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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