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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
June 1941
28th Not such a nice day, cloudy and cooler. No raid last night.
27th Fire watching last night. Had a warning from 1 - 2.30. Only slight activity. Germans are getting into Russia and Russians have made a withdrawal. British Military Mission arrives in Moscow.
26th Hot again. Went to tea with Jiggins and went fishing.
25th Very hot. Picked first strawberries. Air offensive against Germany continuing.
24th Hot again. Saw about 50 fighters returning from France. Germans capture 3 Russian towns, 300 German tanks destroyed. Ada Rowe called.
23rd Not much news from Russia. Another 30 German planes shot down yesterday over France to 2 of ours. Heard some big bombs and had to get up. Cloudy and cooler early but broke out hot and sunny. 80 degrees. Lovely evening. Lot of planes about.
22nd Big Sensation. Russia invaded by Germany. Broadcast by Mr. Churchill. Very hot day. 87 degrees all afternoon. 81 degrees at 8 p.m. Sat out until 10. 26 German planes shot down over France yesterday to four of ours.
21st Hot and sunny all day 81 degrees. Has been a perfect week, sunshine all the time. Been making bunk for shelter. (Air Raid Shelter not Garden Canvas Shelter). Had a lot of planes over to-day. Offensive action over France by R.A.F. 24 German fighters shot down. We lost 3 fighters and 1 bomber. Had a short raid last night. Only 12 so far this month. No major German raid for 6 weeks. German troops massed on Russian Frontier. Possible German invasion of Russia being discussed. Vichy troops have evacuated Damascus.
20th Hot and sunny again 80 degrees. Sat out in garden all day. Had short raid in night. 98 ships lost in May - over 400,000 tons.
19th Still hot and sunny 78 degrees. Went to Albert Hall (Colchester) in evening with Vera and went for walk through Park afterwards. Had 2 short raids in night.
18th Another hot sunny day 80 degrees. Went to Clacton and had a lovely time. Had to show our Identity Cards twice. Had a raid in night. 2.30 - 4. Came down twice. Heard 2 bombs.
17th Another glorious day, sunny all day. Temp. reached 80 degrees for first time this summer. Still 70 degrees now at 9.30. Sat out in garden all day. Dad got 7 nice tomato plants and we set them out.
16th Glorious summer day, 72 degrees. Went to Clacton for afternoon on bus. Siren went at 12 o'clock and we started off in raid at 12.45. All Clear went at 1 o/c just as we got to bus park. Thought perhaps we might get turned ack but we got through all right. Had a good time. Only one little bit of cliff to sit on, rest barbed wire and mines.
15th A little better day but very windy, tried to sit out a little while after tea.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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