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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
July 1941
23rd Nice and warm again. Had short warning in night - did not get up. Another raid on Moscow. Pettican called in evening.
22nd Turned nice and warm. Sat out all evening. Went for late walk and did not get home until 11. Watched Wellingtons going out. Siren went early last night 11.15 - 2.45. Went to bed - asleep. First air raid on Moscow.
21st Cold but turned milder in evening. Saw three four-engined bombers going round and round whilst getting ready to go to France. No change on Russian front. Had siren in night but no bombs. Did not get up. Picked a few French Beans and another marrow.
20th Had good rain in night. Sunny morning but came over dull just as we got sat out in afternoon.
19th Cut top lawn and made beds look very nice. Came on for wet evening. Violent fighting going on in Russia. Hitler reported to have had a fit.
18th Wet evening. Had an hour's daylight warning in evening. Raid on Hull last night. No important change reported from Russia.
17th Nice day. Heavy fighting in Russia. 9,000,000 men fighting each other. Biggest battle ever.
16th Fine day. Set some Beetroot. Cut first marrow.
15th Had a lovely rain in night, first for over 4 weeks. Set some lettuce and carrots. Not much news from Russia. Syrian Armistice signed.
14th Rather windy again but warm. Had a raid last night. Heard some bombs and got up once.
13th Windy and not so hot but 80 degrees. Britain and Russia sign pact of alliance. German offensive resumed. No raids here for a week.
12th Very hot again 89 degrees. Lull on Russian front continues.
11th Had a quiet night fire watching. No alert. Very hot day 89 degrees, over 80 degrees all evening. Never felt so hot in my life. Lull in fighting in Russia.
10th Still fine and hot. Went to tea at Jiggins' and went fishing. Caught 5 roach. Did not get back to supper till 11.15. Lovely evening. Arrived at Fire post at 12.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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