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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
January 1944
17th Most of fog gone but cold and dull and damp. Cold bad but went to office. Had fire in bedroom in evening. Mother trying to get tooth out.
16th Very thick fog in morning bur nice sunny afternoon. Stayed in all day and had fire in bedroom.
15th Dreadful cold foggy morning. My cold bad. Got up and tried to go to office but busses were so late I gave it up. Very foggy all day. Had fire in bedroom. Bomb dropped on London cinema last night. 6 killed. (Davis Theatre, Croydon, Surrey. Bomb made a small hole in the roof and landed in the stalls - 6 people in the audience killed and 25 injured. Luckily, the bomb did not explode). 2000 ton raid on Brunswick last night, 38 missing. Siren this evening 7.40 - 8.10 p.m. Heard a great deal of gunfire in distance.
14th Colder but lovely sunny day. Got another cold coming. Americans now known to have shot down 152 fighters on Tues. Warning 9.10 - 9.45 p.m. Lot of planes but think they were our bombers.
13th Dull and very mild 53 degrees. Raid this evening 7.25 - 8.10 p.m. Small number over Estuary and East Coast. One shot down. Slight damage. No casualties.
12th Mild and dull and damp. 47 degrees. Mother trying to get a tooth out. Americans sent out over 700 Forts. and Liberators to bomb Aircraft factories in central Germany yesterday including Brunswick. 59 bombers and 5 fighters lost. Over 100 German fighters shot down. Russians capture Sarny. (Sarny in the Ukraine).
11th Cold day. Frosty morning but rain in afternoon and evening. Mother got up this evening for first time for a week. Caino executed by Germans. (Caino = Galeazzo Ciano, WW1 Italian hero/founding member of The National Fascist Party/married to Mussolini's daughter Edda/Italian Minister of Press and Propaganda/WW2 Italian Foreign Secretary). Americans have been out over Germany in force today.
10th Turned colder but brighter. George had not been home again all night and we had given him up but he came round at 9.30 a.m. Has gone off again and I haven't seen him. Mother a little better.
9th Mild again. Rained afternoon and evening. George lost. Hasn't been home all night. Mother bad, awful cough.
8th Mild but dull 47 degrees. Mother still bad in bed. Came home on early bus and took George to see Uncle Stanley. He opened up his eye and we have got to bathe it with salt water. Russians now 26 miles inside Poland. Swept big lawn this afternoon.
7th Nice mild day. Mother bad with flu. Got dreadful cough. Russians have now got 12 miles beyond old Polish Frontier. Invention of jet propelled fighter plane announced. George's eye is swelling up again.
6th Milder but rather dull, 47 degrees. 1000 ton raid on Stettin last night, 15 missing. (Stettin - German Sea Port. Post-war 'Szczecin' in Poland). Mother still in bed. Got flu again.
5th Frosty. Mother in bed all day. Warning in night 2.30 - 2.45 a.m. Guns started firing in distance so we got up and came down. Had just got down when the all clear went as the last gun was firing. Big American raids on Germany today. 95 German fighters shot down. 25 bombers and 12 fighters lost.
4th Bright sunny day but cold North wind. Feeling lots better and went back to office. Mother feels funny and thinks she has got it coming again. 1250 aircraft has attacked N. France today. Only 6 missing. U.S. heavies made big raid on Kiel, 18 missing. One crashed this morning at Finchingfield. Heard it blow up. Russians only 8 miles from Polish frontier. Reports say it has been crossed.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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