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Alwyne Diary
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December 1941
5th Feeling better. Nice mild day. Vera went to town in afternoon, got 2lb of marmalade and 1 lb jam. Dad got 3 eggs at Fordham.
4th Got up today but cold bad on chest. Feeling weak. Russians are pursuing Germans along Sea of Azor. Fanny went back to Braintree.
3rd Ill in bed all day. Fanny came from Braintree for 2 days. Foggy early and dull day. There is a lull in the fighting in Libya.
2nd Got a cold coming. Very scratchy throat. Went to bed feeling ill. To-day's news from Libya is very bad. Axis forces have cut the Tobruk Corridor. Cold and foggy at Chelmsford but lovely and sunny here. Had foggy ride home.
1st Heavy fighting continues in Libya. Russians pursuing retreating Germans. Japs resume talks with U.S.A. but all precautions being taken in Pacific. White frost but turned to rain. We lost 20 bombers last night.
November 1941
30th Colder. 40 degrees. Tension increased in Far East. Talks with U.S.A. seem on point of breaking down. Roosevelt breaks his holiday - returns to Washington. Jap. warships reported steaming south. 13 warnings this month. Total now 495.
29th Mild day. Set rose bush I bought at Luckin Smiths yesterday. Went to town in afternoon. First Russian victory - re-capture of Rostov announced to-night. Heavy fighting continuing in Libya.
28th Very mild. Situation in Libya improving. Grave threat to Moscow. Warning here for 1 hours in afternoon.
27th Nice day. Went fire watching - went to Jiggins to tea. Had warning 7 - 10 p.m. Two big bombs before siren. Force from Tobruk has joined up with Army from Egypt.
26th Another big tank battle expected in Libya. British re-inforcements have been brought up. Germans have made thrust into Eygpt. Germans still making desperate attacks against Moscow - have made some progress at Tula. Russians say that German casualties are so far nearly 6 million. Very foggy morning and very cold and frosty. Did not get to office until 11. 8.30 bus did not run and had to wait about in cold for an hour.
25th Wet morning. Very mild. Infantry are now fighting in Libya. Tank battle has passed it's peak. Heavy losses on both sides. Moscow offensive making some progress. Big earthquake reported. (Wilmington, California on 14 Nov. 4.8 magnitude). Managed to get a box of porridge and 8 eggs today.
24th The tank battle at Tobruk has been raging for 48 hours - outcome is uncertain. There have been heavy losses on both sides. We have captured Gambut. Germans are attacking Moscow with 40 divisions - City is said to be threatened. Had a raid this evening from 7 - 8. Heard several noises. They shook the curtains. Dull day but mild.
23rd Lovely mild sunny day. 54 degrees. Mother went out in front garden and walked as far as point. We have captured Fort Capuzzo and Bardia. Big tank battle is raging near Tobruk. Had two warnings this evening, ten minutes each.
22nd Big news this morning that the German forces are trapped and have lost half their tank strength. To-night's news is that there was a big tank battle yesterday but tank losses on both sides are not yet known. Mild day - 54 degrees. Hoed lettuces and then went to town and started Christmas shopping.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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