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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
September 1941
27th Lovely summer day. Warm 72 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky. Sat out all afternoon and right up to 7.10. Had tea on lawn. Saw 22 bombers going home from raiding France. 21 German fighters shot down to 14 of ours. Siren has just gone at 10 o'clock after 4 bombs dropped. All Clear at 10.15.
26th Another warm day 70 degrees. Had tea on lawn. Mother sat out until 7 o'clock. Saw a big flash when out for a walk followed by a big explosion. Two bombs have just gone off but no siren. Our bombers have been going out. Heard some more bombs, two big ones at 10 o'clock. Lovely night.
25th Lovely summer day. 72 degrees. Had tea on lawn when I got home. Dad had his teeth out. Germans attacking the Crimea. Warm evening. Went for walk after dark without a coat on.
24th Picked 1 lbs of tomatoes. Dull misty day. Sun nearly broke out in afternoon. Mother sat out for 1 hours. Should have met Clarice in Chelmsford but did not get her card in time.
23rd Dull misty morning but sun broke out during afternoon. Mother sat out all afternoon and had tea out. German casualties estimated at 3,000,000 during three months of Russian war.
22nd Another nice day. Managed to have tea out when I got home. Had a raid last night from 9.45 to 10.50 p.m. Heard some bombs dropped at Ardleigh. Russians admit having evacuated Kiev.
21st Beautiful sunny summer day. Sat out all afternoon and had tea out. Harvest Festival. Sang duet in morning and Vera sang solo at night. Big daylight raids by R.A.F. yesterday and to-day.
20th Dull morning but broke out for lovely sunny and warm afternoon, sat out on lawn and had tea out.
19th Had a quiet night. No warning. Had warning 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. First daylight one whilst I was in office for months - last May I think. To-day, news of Russia is very bad. Russians admit that Germans have reached outskirts of Kiev and Germans claim to have captured city. Cold and dull to-day, rained a little. Went round to Chapel in evening to practice duet and solo for Sunday.
18th Had another warning during night from 12.30 - 2.30 a.m. Heard bombs twice and came down stairs. Bomber brought down near Clacton. Lovely day. Went fire-watching. Went to Jiggins to tea.
17th Another nice day. Had tea out again. Cold night, think there must have been a frost. Covered tomatoes over. Had a warning 8.30pm - 10pm. Heard a few planes go over.
16th Nice sunny day. Had tea out on big lawn. Had warning tonight 9 - 10.
15th Cold day, had first fire. Warning 8.35 - 10 p.m. but did not hear anything.
14th Disappointing day, cold and dull - rained, could not sit out. Had to go and register for fire-watching. Fanny came to tea. Some R.A.F. have arrived in Russia.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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