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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
November 1943
18th Very cold day. Wind frost. Roads very icy this morning. Vera in bed all day again. Russians capture Koresten, 50 miles from Poland. R.A.F. bombed Ludwigshafen last night, one lost. (Germany).
17th Still cold. Vera in bed all day. Cutting lots of lettuces.
16th Very cold day. Vera in bed with the flu. Sharp raid on Plymouth just before dawn. Norway bombed to-day.
15th Still cold but brighter. Not much news.
14th Dull and cold. Under 40 degrees. Nella gave us some medlars.
13th Cold day. Heavy rain in morning. Mother had bad choking at tea-time. Saw George on Hedges field in afternoon. Started to carry him home but he was frightened by a motor so we left him round there. He did not come home until 8 and we thought he was lost. Russians have captured Zhitomir and cut last N.S. Railway in Russia. (Ukraine).
12th Not a bad day. Nice evening, went for walk in moonlight. Mother's eye has spread a bit. Dad doing hydra. (Hydrangea). Not much war news.
11th Cold to-day but sunny. Fortresses have raided Munster today. 4 missing. Mother has got something wrong with her eye. No raid last night.
10th Another lovely day. Mother went out in front garden. No raid last night. 500 aircraft have been out over France today. Only 1 fighter lost.
9th Lovely mild sunny day. Mother went out into front garden. Churchill has made speech and says was in Europe will reach climax in 1944. Says Germans may use new methods of attack on us.
8th Cold day with sharp white frost. Lot of people killed last evening when bomb hit London dance hall. Dad cut lawn. Had just got to bed when siren went 10.55 - 11.15 p.m. Got up but all was quiet. 3 shot down out of less than 12. Hitler has made speech and appealed for loyalty.
7th Bright sunny day but cold north wind, only 44 degrees. Russians are 40 miles beyond Kiev. Wireless went off this evening at 8.30 but no siren. Americans bombed Germany this morning without loss. Started Harris Tweed.
6th Very wet morning but cleared in afternoon. Cold north wind. Americans made another 1000 plane attack on W. Germany yesterday and lost 10 bombers and 4 fighters. 38 German fighters shot down. Russians have captured Kiev. Stalin say Germans are on brink of catastrophy and that second front is not far away. More good progress in italy. Had just got upstairs tonight when siren went 10.35 - 11.20 p.m. Mother and Vera had just got into bed and had to get up. Heard some gunfire. Had all just got back to bed when warning went again 11.40 p.m. - 12.50 a.m. All got up and got in Morrison. Heard 2 bombs and some more guns. 9 Jerries came in by Walton and one came over here. Guns fired at one of ours.
5th Dull and cold. Better progress being made in Italy. Americans have raided Germany to-day. Siren is just going 9.45 - 10.30 p.m. All quiet. George caught a blue-tit today. Dad moved American Pillar. (Climbing Rose).

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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