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Alwyne Diary
©2011 Heather Johnson
November 1940
30th Sharp white frost. Sunny day. Hoed strawberry bed. Went to town & did some Xmas shopping.
29th Bright dry day but cold. Big evening raid on London. Unrest in Rumania (Rumania one of the Axis Partners). Mass murders (60-70 Jews) carried out by Iron Guards (Iron Guards held the majority of power with Rumania).
28th Bright sunny day but cold. Cannons put my lunch up to 2/-. (4.80 in 2010) Italian warships damaged in Naval action.
27th Siren went at 6.15 this morning. Heard 8 bombs at Bergholt. Had 2 warnings in evening. Heard bombs whistle down. 2 H.E. (High Explosive) & one oil bomb at Fiveways (Fiveways road crossing in Stanway - Dugard/ Blackberry/Winstree/Heath/Dyers Roads). Put lights out.
26th Nice dry day. Fan still in bed. No raids last night. 3 sirens today at Chelms. Another quiet night.
25th Dull cold day. Fanny in bed all day with bad cold. Greek advance continues. One siren, nice quiet evening - no raid.
24th Glorious sunny mild day. Went for some nice walks. Wore raincoat. Two bombs at Kingsford in evening. Mother got up 1st time for week. 200 raids.
23rd Nice bright day. Had holiday & spent day in garden. Took up Geraniums & set some bulbs. Trimmed up long path. Siren in evening.
22nd Some rain in night. Oil bombs (large incendiary bomb containing a mixture of oil and high explosive) dropped at Fordham. Greeks capture Koritza. Siren only went once today for 10 minutes. Nice quiet evening.
21st Raid 12.45 a.m. - 8.20 a.m. Got up, heard a few bombs. Lovely mild day 60o. Bombs dropped at Chelmsford this afternoon. 2 killed.
20th Rained early but nice day. No day raids. Had a nice quiet evening. Hungary joins the Axis (Axis Power/Partners/Community - Germany was unofficially the leader). Greeks still advancing.
19th Dry day but rather cold. Mother a little better but still in bed. Siren just gone (7.45 p.m.).
18th Dull & damp. No sirens until evening but heard nothing. Mother's still in bed with bad cough. My cold better. Greeks trying to take Koritza.
17th Lovely sunny day. Had to stay in all day with my cold. Mother's very bad. Had 4 sirens but heard nothing. Greeks advancing. Rain got in shelter again.

The wartime diary of
Alwyne Garling
93 London Road

brought to us by
Heather Johnson

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